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Why Burrito Stores Are Become the Hottest Food Trend

Why Burrito Stores Are Become the Hottest Food Trend

Inside a bodega-style lunch counter that feels like a tiny diner, customers sitting at a handful of stools order fried eggs, pancakes, and burritos. The namesake Santanero stands out, with a rolled tortilla stuffed with cubed and browned breakfast potatoes, egg, and guacamole.

Americans crave savory meat and spiced rice wrapped in a tortilla more than any other entree.

They’re easy to make

Few single meals can satisfy a hungry stomach and satiate a flavor-starved palate like a burrito. From meat-heavy options to vegan fillings, these tortilla-wrapped cylinders can be customized for all tastes and dietary restrictions.

Even novice cooks can assemble a satisfying burrito with the right ingredients at home. Choose a large, soft flour tortilla for your base, then add cooked white or brown rice and seasoned black beans or pinto beans. You can also add refried beans for added texture and savory flavor.

Then, top with your choice of meat, vegetables, and cheeses. Finally, finish with your favorite salsas and a healthy dose of creamy guacamole, if desired. When you order a burrito at a restaurant, you get to watch the expertly trained burrito maker wrap your food in an artful display of scrumptiousness. You can try to replicate this technique at home, but it’s hard to beat the magic of a professional burrito maker.

They’re affordable

The cheapest burritos cost less than a dollar, which makes them a budget-friendly way to fill up and enjoy the flavors. And, since it usually takes two people to finish one, you’ll save money by default if you split the burrito.

The best part about burritos is that they’re affordable for everyone, whether you’re a student looking for a cheap bite to eat or a working professional on a tight lunch break. Plus, many restaurants are known for offering a variety of cheap burritos that will suit any palate and dietary requirements.

For instance, a grilled steak burrito from Taco Bell will set you back less than $6 and provide protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, iron, and vitamin A. Meanwhile, the vegetarian-friendly kimchi burrito from Tallulah’s Taqueria will offer a spicy tang and a satisfying crunch. You can order a burrito on the go or dine in.

They’re healthy

Few meals can tame an appetite or revive a sluggish tastebud like a burrito. But looking for a burrito low in sodium and calories is essential to ensure the meal meets your nutritional goals.

The frozen burrito market is full of options from various retailers and brands. The best-frozen burritos feature a balance of protein, beans, and vegetables to provide a satisfying meal that doesn’t blow your sodium count out of the water.

For instance, one of the healthiest burrito options is the Big City Burrito. Their lifestyle bowls are a good option for those following a restrictive diet, and the menu offers many vegan and vegetarian options.

They’re convenient

For people who don’t have the time or kitchen equipment to cook a full meal, store-bought burritos provide a delicious, quick option. However, there’s a big difference between a grocery-store burrito and one you make at home. The key is to use high-quality ingredients and precise cooking methods.

Some stores are specializing in burritos to cater to consumers’ tastes. For example, some burritos are sold in the frozen section of health food chains and offer a “healthier spin on traditional flavors.” The brand also lists its ingredients clearly on its packaging.

Other convenience stores have a full menu of options. For example, some have a wide variety of breakfast burritos, including tater tots, scrambled eggs, and a range of premium ingredients, including chorizo, black forest ham, country sausage, and smoked bacon. The company also offers a lunch burrito with refried beans, beef, and cheese wrapped in an 11-inch tortilla. The chain’s burritos are popular with customers.

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